1. Wolf-e-Wolf - Lurkers (FREE DOWNLOAD)



  3. My official remix of the new M.bolez tune “Middle Ground”.

    Free download available on my Soundcloud or the Bandcamp link below.

    Make sure and get his full EP here:


    Original visuals by: Wolf-e-Wolf


  4. Wolf-e-Wolf - Lucid

    (out now on Gravitas Recordings)

    Free Download Here:


    [Original Visuals by: Wolf-e-Wolf]



  6. "JUNGLE VISION" EP out now on Gravitas Recordings!


    "Jungle Vision", the second EP from Arkansas native Wolf-e-Wolf, is out September 3rd as a free/pay-what-you-want release on Gravitas Recordings. Always one to push a unique flavor, this southern bass producer twists the prominent trap sound and infuses it with lush atmospheres, dark melodies and deep basslines. The four track release sports a very three-dimensional environment, drawing influence from a truly multi-genre set of inspirations. Fans of sounds ranging from the classic dubstep of Joker and Truth to the modern stylings of heRobust and Lunice are sure to feel right at home during their trek into the jungle.

    Get the EP here as a free (or pay what you want) download:



  7. Wolf-e-Wolf drops a brand new mixtape for Austin based label, Gravitas Recordings. This 40 minute mix showcases tracks from his debut EP ‘Next Level’, along with unreleased originals, hidden gems and heavy hitters from some of his favorite producers in the scene!

    1. Wolf-e-Wolf - Murkin’
    2. Nostalgia - Drift Gap
    3. Wolf-e-Wolf - Splash
    4. Wolf-e-Wolf - Buzzin’
    5. Triage, The Bassist - Ridin Kleen
    6. Benga - I Will Never Change
    7. Shackles - Let You Know (TIGERBLOOD Remix)
    8. Daisy Chain - The Danger
    9. Major Lazer - Playground (Bird Peterson Remix)
    10. Stabber - Abduction
    11. Wolf-e-Wolf - COPS
    12. 12th Planet & SPL - Rachet Strap (UZ Remix)
    13. Wolf-e-Wolf - Prometheus
    14. L-Wiz - Move To Mars
    15. Eddie K - Come With Me
    16. Wolf-e-Wolf - Next Level
    17. Raf Riley - The Liquidator
    18. Wolf-e-Wolf - Jungle Vision
    19. Bro Safari & UFO! - Animal
    20. Carvar & Clock - Tipping Point
    21. Run DMT - Bass Drum (Wolf-e-Wolf Remix)
    22. Habstrakt - DXX Ft. Trichome Syndicate
    23. Melé & Salva - Hollywood Noir

    FB: www.facebook.com/WOLFeWOLFmusic
    Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/WOLFeWOLFmusic
    Twitter: www.twitter.com/wolfewolfmusic


  8. #Wolf-e-Wolf snap-backs coming soon!


  9. A Perfect Circle - Lullaby (Wolf-e-Wolf’s Bad Dream Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]


  10. "NEXT LEVEL" EP out now on Gravitas Recordings!

    "Next Level" is the debut EP from Little Rock native Wolf-e-Wolf, released February 28th on Gravitas Recordings. A unique take on the burgeoning Trap sound, Wolf-e-Wolf infuses dark melodies with larger than life 808 drums and percussion throughout 4 original tracks. The entire EP draws influence from the deeper original UK Dubstep and Purple sounds from artists like Joker, Mimosa, PantyRaid, and Lunice.